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I left Edinburgh University with a camera in hand, and a desire to see the world so I moved to Nigeria in search of Elephants and adventure. I returned with my first set of rushes and the idea of becoming a cameraman. That was 1999, nearly 20 years later those 6 months in the forrest proved to be pivotal.

The journey to becoming a DP has not been linear but has always been rewarding. Every shoot is unique with its own ambitions and challenges which makes my job as dynamic as it is challenging. Last year saw me living in a tent at Everest Base Camp, working on set with a Bulgarian Crew, and with presenters in the Artic Circle as well as closer to home telling stories from around the world.

With a list of credits which spans everything from Natural History to Drama I now find myself working in, and between, the worlds of documentary and drama.

On a personal note 2017 was the year that everything changed: move, married, dog & baby!

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